Jarvis Phan

Jarvis Phan is a dedicated teacher and a professional performer in the lower mainland of British Columbia who specializes in the piano. He completed his Bachelor of Applied Music at Vancouver Community College and received a Certificate from the Professional Development Music Program for Teachers at the University of Miami. Jarvis currently has over 300,000 views on his YouTube Channel.

His parents did not have the opportunity to learn music during their childhood and wished to provide him with the chance to learn. From a young age, Jarvis has had a great exposure to a variety of music due to his parents love for music. Since the age of seven, his parents has put consistent efforts in driving him to piano lessons and with encouragement and motivation from his parents, he progressed and persevered through practice and difficulties.

His love for music has grown significantly over the years after learning the piano for the first time. From there, Jarvis has expanded his experience by exploring other instruments, such as drums and synthesizers, and composing his own music.

Music completes him because it propels his creativity and offers a means of escape in times of hardship. To Jarvis, life is his music and music is his life.